The Natal Chart

Personalized readings with Julianne can provide the insight needed to support you in responding effectively to present circumstances, rather than reacting out of habits established through past patterns. Natal consultations are conducted in person.


Relationship Analysis – Synastry

Synastry can clarify the dynamics in romantic, platonic, professional and familial relationships. This relationship analysis involves looking at interpersonal planetary aspects to learn about how two people in a relationship interact and what kind of impact they have on one another. Synastry highlights the areas of life in which this interaction is concentrated and how each person specifically views and can relate, or not, to the other.

Current & Future Trends 

This reading examines your current life trends and direction over two or more years through transits to your personal birth chart and your solar returns or ‘birthday charts’.


Locational Astrology

This works on drawing up charts for different locations to find your personal optimum places to live, to travel to for holidays or study, to realise your goals and aspirations or to see whether a place will be better for earning money or attracting partners. Relocation acts to change the original natal planetary emphasis and highlight the potential different places can offer you in terms of life experiences.

Natal for Children & Twins

Why can twins, with almost identical birth charts, seem very different? Do they divide the birth chart between them, one choosing to live out part of it more than the other? The same disposition of one child may be developed in a different moment to the other.
When twins live and grow up together, they tend not to enact the same roles or parts of their personalities, but choose different roles. If twins grow up separated, they can both play the same roles indicated in their near identical horoscopes, taking advantage of differing circumstances and unhinded by the other. The birth charts of twins provides fascinating insight into the dynamics of relating.