Personal focus

Natal Astrology interprets your character and inner nature using a planetary map of the heavens drawn up for the birth date, time, location – making this chart totally unique to you.

There are many approaches to birth chart interpretation – popular modern approaches are similar to psychological profiling, while a more esoteric approach looks at the natal chart from a soul-centred perspective, focusing on spiritual dimensions and your soul’s purpose.

Traditional birth chart analysis interprets the horoscope to give insight into character, temperament and natural disposition within a ‘life overview’. This can provide you with detailed information on personal issues relating to all aspects of your life, from your personal drives and ambitions to relationships, professional issues, finances, family, children, and health.

A natal reading analyses the strengths and predispositions indicated by your birth chart. It can also be used to look at the best times to undertake projects or concentrate on specific areas of your life in current or future moments.

A one hour natal chart consultation costs $110.

A one and a half hour natal chart and yearly forecast costs $150.