Chart interpretation

When interpreting a natal chart my main focus is on character analysis, basic circumstances and predispositions, as well as timing of events.

These all help me to get an overview of your life, especially from the perspective of career/life direction and current and future trends, relationships and family. This also covers past experiences to help you better understand present events and the context for future projections.

My aim is for you to come away from our consultation with a better understanding of your inner life, the underlying patterns built into it, and a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Consultations are only conducted in person. I will give you a copy of your birth chart and you can record the session.

  • A natal chart reading lasts an hour and costs $110.
  • A natal chart reading plus transits lasts 90 minutes and costs $150.
  • A  yearly forecast for returning clients lasts an hour and costs $90.

If you are interested please fill in the contact form below.  To draw up an accurate chart I will need your birth date, place and time. If you do not have an exact birth time the chart will be drawn up for midday.