Where in the world should you be?  

An astrological look at relocation

How an astrological technique called astro-mapping can give you insight into the ease or difficulty you can have when moving to different locations.

Have you ever wondered why certain places, even seemingly idyllic ones, are impossible to feel settled in for no obvious reason, while other locations make you feel ‘at home’ straightaway? Have you also noticed how being in different places brings out or emphasises different aspects of your personality and alters the way you deal with situations and events? Well, relocation astrology could put you in the picture and help you understand the changes you experience when you move from place to place.

What exactly is relocation astrology and astro-mapping?

It all starts with your astrological birth chart – a map showing where the planets were at your time and place of birth. The natal position of these planets describe your character and potential, while the ongoing movement of the planets in the sky (called transits) show the development and unfolding of these.

But this chart alone does not show you where your personality and potential can best be developed. To find places that can be good for you (and not so good!) there is a technique known as astro-mapping.

This technique consists in overlaying your astrological birth chart onto a geographical map of the world. From this overlay you can see where in the world certain planetary energies will be stronger – where would be the best place to further your career, improve your social life, settle down comfortably with the family, accomplish your life goals or even just to go on holidays.

Planets and the paths they describe

When we look at a birth chart we can immediately see where all the planets were in the sky. Let’s take the Sun for example. If it were rising at the time of your birth it could be just above or below a point on the eastern horizon called the ascendant. Tracing its path we would reach the spot where it culminates (the MC), which is where it would be if you were born around midday, then on to the point on the western horizon, called the descendant, which is where it would be if you were born at sunset. We can continue to follow it below the horizon, which is where the Sun would be if you were born at night, to the point directly opposite and furthest away from the culmination point (the IC), and back to the ascendant.

The path of the Moon and all the planets can be followed in the same way. If all the observed paths of your natal planets are projected on to a map of the world then you can see at a glance where they are going to rise, culminate and set.

And the purpose of that? Well, if you move to a location where one of your natal planets is rising, or on the ascendant, your approach to life, the way you appear to others, and consequently how you react to them, will be coloured by the things that planet represents.

To give a personal example, my move to London put the planet Neptune on the ascendant in that location. Neptune represents idealism, illusion, things spiritual, artistic and non-materialistic. It well describes both the artistic opportunities and the spiritual/philosophical ideals I found there when my studies shifted from theatre to Traditional Chinese Medicine and my interest in astrology also began to take shape.

As the astrologer Jeff Jawler described it “this is a place to cast yourself to the winds”, but is probably not the best place to be if you need to keep a firm grip on practical realities.

Reality, hard work, responsibility and the ability to see things through belong to the realm of the planet Saturn. As you can imagine, being in a place described by Saturn does not exactly sound like fun, especially in your 20’s, but as values mature (another Saturn quality) this location can provide the stability needed for solid achievement.

Living in Italy, where I had Saturn rising, or in the Ascendant, provided me with another personal example. This is where I consolidated a career in teaching and became well anchored by responsibilities, a far cry from the Neptunian opportunities I had when I lived in London.  

If you move to a location where one of your natal planets is setting, what you expect from relationships and partners will be coloured by that planet and you can also find you attract quite different types of people to you. For example, with Saturn in this position, you can be reluctant to commit yourself to a relationship, be more demanding or find you attract older or authoritative people, while the Moon here indicates heightened sensitivity to others and need for emotional security. If you have Venus (the goddess of love) setting in this location then this suggests it is a good place to go if you are looking for a partner, good company, or having a honeymoon. 

Moving along your MC line brings your ambitions and life goals into focus. This is usually taken as referring to career ambitions, but as not everyone has a career, or even wants one, it refers to all sorts of ambition and search for recognition. Just think of the sun at midday, high in the sky where everyone can see it. The Sun is a symbol of success and achievement so your natal Sun in this location can bring you into the limelight in some way and push you professionally. Jupiter (from which we derive jovial) offers opportunities for expansion, travel and study in connection with your career, though you may find you tend to over-stretch yourself here.

Moving towards your IC line will change your home, domestic situation and lifestyle most deeply. Thinking of the Sun again, this is where it is at midnight. It is not visible, so being noticed is a private matter, not a public one. With your Sun in this position you are likely to place your home and family above career, and children, either your own or others’, can become an important issue. You could find yourself working from home in this location.

Having your natal Pluto, god of the underworld, in this position could make home life particularly uncomfortable unless you are an intense type of person that thrives on power struggles or feel you need to delve deeply into life’s hidden mysteries. You may open up psychically in this location but it would be a challenge to live here permanently. 

Quite often we get bogged down by the more difficult aspects of living in a place and fail to take advantage of what is on offer because we lack our ‘usual’ perspective. Astro-mapping tells us what to expect at certain locations and so can help us understand how we can best adjust to the new environment. If your job or lifestyle requires you to travel a lot there may be places that would be best to avoid but cannot, so being aware of the circumstances beforehand can certainly be helpful. By the same token, wouldn’t it be better to be able to choose a holiday in a location where you are more likely to have a great time than to come home wishing you had never gone away? For a consultation or tutorial to learn more about relocation