ABOUT Julianne

From an early age I have always questioned ‘why’? and it was while looking for answers in some unusual places I came to astrology. I subsequently found the study of it to be vast and ever-ongoing, a perfect subject for the endlessly curious. 

I have always found astrology to provide me with a variety of answers – from the intensely personal to ‘where is my hamster?’ and other universally intriguing questions.

After many years of self directed study I went on to the Diploma course with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, then on to Traditional Astrology and Horary with Sue Ward. This shifted my perspective away from the prevailing psychologically oriented approach towards more traditionally grounded astrological techniques and on to Robert Zoller’s Diploma Course in Medieval Astrology.

I have been working with astrology for over 35 years now, both as an astrological consultant and teacher of astrology.

Having lived mainly in Italy for much of my life, most of my articles on Astrology have been published in the Italian Astrological Journal, Linguaggio AstraleI now reside in Canberra.